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""Make it simple, but significant."

- Don Draper - 

Over the years we've expanded into every corner of the surface design world. No matter what you need we probably have it in the collection already. If we don't, we always appreciate a challenge, and can produce it for you.


Many of our customers are the worlds leading manufacturers of wallcoverings for both the retail and contract markets.  Our hand painted designs are especially well suited to this surface design application becuase the texture can be felt in the artwork long before being transalated into a physical product.


Our designs are applied to the full spectrum of home interior products.  Bedding, shower curtains, kitchen towels, placemats... The list goes on and on.  It's always fun to see how our customers take our designs in different directions to cater to their specific segments of the market and their customers' needs.


We have yet to encounter a challenge we could not execute.  Working with our customers from concept to design is one of the most rewarding elements of our business.  Between our in house team and international freelancers we have such a broad spectrum of hand writing we can surely produce what you need, even if you're not sure exactly what that is.


With a diverse international team of designers we work in both hand painted and digit processes to produce our evolving collection.  Each designer has their own style and brings a unique perspective to the studio.  We are constantly working to improve and expand our techniques and abilities to better accommodate the specific needs of our customers while at the same time striving to push the boundaries of what the industry can produce.

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